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A note about rejection

I have often been rejected.  People sometimes say no, proposals don’t always turn into projects, and some people just flat out ignore you.  With that in mind, we can’t make it an excuse to give up, and stop sending out messages.

Sales is a challenging business, but it has great benefits that pursue most average industries.  Many people believe that sales is not a real career, or it is not reliable, but on the back of every salary is a salesman who is keeping the factories moving, and the logistics carriers filled up with fuel.

This pressure requires an incredible amount of tenacity to overcome business fears get deals closed.  Let’s get real, if the deal isn’t closed and the sale isn’t made then all of the business stops to a hault.  This makes sales one of the most important functions of an organization.  If we don’t get comfortable, and unafraid of hearing the word “no” then we might just get stuck in the hole of rejection that makes no sense to be in.

I have often found that facing the problem strait in eyes, and challenging it is one of the best ways to get results.  You have to tackle your problems head on, and it often isn’t the most pleasant thing to experience.  When a customer get’s disgruntled, and a problem occurs those are the moments that sales-people like least, but they are filled with opportunity and reward.

When you solve problems their is huge reward.  People want their problems solved, and if you can help them solve this process you are like a giant to them.  Sometimes if it is an issue that can be solved by their organization you can just politely ask, “What do you think should be done about it?”  They may already have thought of many great solutions.  Not every problem that the customer has needs to be solved by you, sometimes you are just the punching back of their complaints.

The moral of the story is, get used to being rejected regularly, and often.  It will help your whole life, and increase your rates of success in all projects.



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March 8, 2016 at 5:35 PM