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By Michael D. Pagan

Palm Springs, CA | @michaelpagan

I don’t always have the time to travel, but I want to remember my life.  I want to be able to share my experiences with my family when I grow old.  To give them a glimpse of who I am, and was at one point or another.  Much of the over sharing of my life is for my own vanity I must admit, but I hope to improve everyday like anyone else.  Being more selfless is one of those traits I wish to magnify while trying to communicate with the world.

One of my goals has been to have things to share with future generations.  I have always wanted to know more about my family throughout history, and I hope to give them intimate documents about my life and who I am.  Some of the things documented are personal and shared, others are kept close, and only given to my inner friends and family.

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All things said, I’m going on a road trip and will document my experiences along the way.  During this journey, I will meet interesting people, get weird and uncomfortable, and who knows, maybe fall in love.  Wouldn’t that be nice.

There are roads that lead to;

Miami Beach   Atlanta

New York   Chicago


Miami Beach, FL | @michaelpagan

I have a simple mission

To travel and document my journey to share with all of my friends and family on the web.  This trip will be captured through Photography, Video, and written documentation.  My intent is to make a journalistic adventure about exploring the world at random.


I have a simple strategy

To make this even more interesting, I’ve posted on the internet in various places to spark interesting meetups with my fellow members of humanity.  Consider this like dating websites for people who are meeting up with rad dudes.  My hope is to get together with interesting minds along the way.  Is this weird? Definitely!  With that said I’m not afraid to get weird from time to time and neither should you.

I have no idea what the journey ahead entails. I have only a few solid plans comprising a few stops to see family and desired cities.  I hope to meet and see some interesting people that are new to me and of old friends.   My hope is that those I come in contact with, will be of good spirit and enjoy my company along the way.  Let’s stretch who we are and make interesting stories.

Now do me a favor and wish me luck!

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your best friend,

Michael D. Pagan