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The reality of the depraved mind

The holocaust happened less than 100 years ago, and was committed by people just like you and me, who murdered and persecuted people just like you and me. Here are the words of Rudolf Höss, Auschwitz Commandant

“When he gave me the order personally… to prepare a place for mass killings and then carry it out, I could never have imagined the scale, or what the consequences would be. Of course, this order was something extraordinary, something monstrous. However, the reasoning behind the order of this mass annihilation seemed correct to me. At the time I wasted no thoughts about it. I had received an order; I had to carry it out. I could not allow myself to form an opinion as to whether this mass extermination of the Jews was necessary or not. At the time it was beyond my frame of mind. Since the Führer himself had ordered “The Final Solution of the Jewish Question,” there was no second guessing for an old National Socialist, much less an SS officer. “Führer, you order. We obey” was not just a phrase or a slogan. It was meant to be taken seriously.”
– Rudolf Höss

I write this post with a positive message with two points.

  1. There is nothing that Jesus cannot forgive you of.
  2. All sin is the same, therefor we are just as close to the atrocities of Auschwitz as those who committed them.

There is no magic pill or education that can change these facts.  We tend to think because we are enlightened that we would never be the same as those offenders.  That is incredibly far from the truth.  In the right circumstances, we would be surprised.

Cling to Jesus.  He saves us from sin.  All the more to be thankful for God, who gives us grace.