Michael D. Pagan : BEST FRIEND

Charter of the Third Millennium

and a calling for our global community

November 20, 2014


We the people of the global community stand at a difficult crossroads.  One that seems to have no path or map to a paradise of peace, prosperity, and the genuine good for mankind.  Our path as citizens of the world has been blurred with indecision and lack of direction in political, and socioeconomic turmoil.  Our values have been made unclear, and the rules blurred.

We stand at on this beaten path, dangerously close to the destruction of our moral character, and the lack of success for our global family.  For in our lack of knowledge and our inability to identify the truth, we have left fates to the mercy of subjectivity, and an indecisiveness that has left us powerless.

All the while, fear looms from sights of War, disease, poverty, and the destruction of our democratic values.  Our values that believe that all men and women are created equal and therefor should be treated as equals.  These are the foundations of the new mind.  The mind that is grounded in truth, justice, and love.


We take this in account, and ask you to make a decision:

To flee yourself from the plague of indecision.

To ask yourself and those around you the brutal questions that have plagued our minds without answer.

To identify the problems clearly and seek the fruition of the answers with diligence.

To come to a firm conclusion that is measurable in finite lengths, and is fully accounted for.

To take responsibility for allowing the evils and injustice of the world to fall upon your eyes without desire for change enough to take action.

To make a decision now, to do something about that which you have decided to change yourself.

On those decisions, we ask you these questions to stir your mind into a new way of thinking:

What is good and how is it measured?

What is evil and how is it measured?

What does it truly mean to love your fellow man?

What are you prepared to sacrifice in service of your brothers and sisters?

What are the problems of our society that need solutions?

What are the problems that you are prepared to take on as service to humanity and mankind?


We ask you these because there are many questions that need to be answered.  With our minds, the pyramids were built, and theories of the universe have been made into fact.  All within our minds.  If we can then, change the way we think about the great problems of life, we can solve them.   We can come up with the solutions to the problems of the world.  It is not only a matter of resource, power and might, but we must use our thought to plan and make it so from a point of practicality.

With this fresh on your heart, We aim not to fill you with false confidences of grand vision that does not come with practical means to attain it.  The toughest of lifes problems will require greater strength of heart than some have ever experienced.  We therefor offer this with a sober mind to be pushed to it’s potential, a diligent heart that seeks to love, and hands that are ready to be broken with work.

These will not be easy tasks, and the answers to them will be far from simple.  It will require complex disciplinary action, and the measuring of our progress to its completion.  We will need to be both organized, and diligent in our work.  We will need the finances, and the knowledge to complete the tasks at hand all the while, funding themselves in the end to operate like profitable business.  This is the moral calling of our entrepreneurs.  With these thoughts forefront, we do not take vanity as some do with lofty notions.  We do not seek to acquire self righteousness, as those who do will never attain this goal.  These are the deeds done in private, and it is our call to humanity.  This is the grand purpose that all humanity can share.

To find purpose we must create it.  We will never be able to do this alone, but to solve the problems our group is taking ownership over, we will require just 100 strong men and 100 strong women.  200 people that choose the problem, plan for the solution, and work diligently towards the progress.  Some may not be solved in our lifetime, but we must have the resolve to see it as far as it takes.

All things said, I ask you to keep your minds from small details that can take you off the path of your major purpose.  Smoke screen type problems arise at times, but we must focus on the biggest of all problems to make maximum effect.  Choose your problem wisely.

With everything that has been said behind us, we now are at these very crossroads spoken of.  It has become clear that none of the options available seem viable.  None of them seem to be right and just.  We therefor ask you to carve your own path bounded to truth, justice, and morality.

Striving to the very end,

to treat Man and Woman

the way they are meant to be treated.

As Equals.